The Crossing: Review

The Crossing

By now you are already hooked by the new Science-Fiction Mystery TV series. The group of survivors captivated the inner thrill-seeker in you. Your question is already building up and you can no longer wait to watch the next episode. Well, let’s go ahead and review what we have while we are waiting for the next episode of The Crossing.


the crossing
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A body washes up on a beach on the coast of Port Canaan, it was discovered by local enforcement. What they come upon is not just one body but numbers of it on the shore and floating near the beach. There is no sign of shipwreck but a dozen of dead and alive people with no life jackets are being discovered.

Survivors are stating that they are refugees looking for sanctuary from war. A war that is 180 years in the future. 47 refuge fleeing away from super-powered genetically-enhanced human beings.

And so that already begins our conclusion that,
The series gives us the idea that it includes time travel.

So, who are these Apex? what is the war all about?

A Shadow Out of Time

The refugees are in a classified permanent location and Homeland security are trying to figure out where they came from.

The youngest among the survivors have fallen ill, and the virus is already manifesting. Reese is desperate to find her daughter, her blood is the only cure.

Leah virus detected.
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It’s unfortunate that Reese drew attention to herself after she arrives in the present day. Her intent to be with Leah is ruined
after she was shot.

The refugees are now in danger not because of Apex but because of the virus that is brought to the present by a child.

More questions are starting to arise huh?
Why did Reese adopt Leah? The Child is a Common with a virus.
What do you think will happen if Reese break-in the camp?


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