Lorde Issues Apology For Controversial Post “Whitney Houston Bath Tub Joke”

Lorde, the ‘Royals’ singer, was totally messed up on social media because of her controversial post “Whitney Houston Bath Tub Joke”.

Recently, she posted on her Instagram a photo of the bathtub with a caption of Whitney Houston song, “And iiii will always love you”. After this post,  fans started to criticize her and command to delete her post.

And after an hour, she quickly deleted her post and issued an apology.

It’s really a bad day for her!

Lorde’s Apology

Lorde immediately gave her apology through an Instagram post saying, “Extremely extremely poorly chosen quote. I’m so sorry for offending anyone — I hadn’t even put this together I was just excited to take a bath.”

She added, “I’m an idiot. Love Whitney forever and ever. Sorry again.”

Lorde, Instagram

This apology reaps different reactions from social media.

Lorde’s fan defended her, “My fave Lorde makes mistakes. But you know what she does when this happens? She acknowledges said mistake, takes it down, & apologizes like the queen she is. While YOUR fave talks about how they “say dumb things sometimes” without issuing a real apology. Don’t come for Lorde”.

Others conclude that apology, “it ain’t that deep tho”.

Whitney Houston ‘Bath Tub Death’

In March 2012, Whitney Houston was found dead in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, with an influence of cocaine in her body.
As TMZ reported, “A source connected to the investigation tells us it is “very possible” Whitney had a heart attack that caused her to lose consciousness and drown. The heart attack may have been triggered by hardening of the arteries as a result of cocaine use”.

But the investigators found no evidence of cocaine in the hotel room.

In addition, Bobbi Kristina Brown, her only child was also found dead in a bath tub in 2015.


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