Katy Perry, SZA, And More Celebrities Together In The Latest MLK Tribute

In the celebration of 50th death anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr., celebrities, politicians, and athletes joined together to pay tribute to MLK.

Who Is Martin Luther King Jr.?

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) is Americas nonviolent advocate. He used words in order to achieve the almost impossible goal of freedom and equality. However, this was cut short when King was shot dead on the fourth of April 1968 at exactly 7:05 p.m CST.

PHOTO CREDITS: Vanderbilt University
PHOTO CREDITS: Vanderbilt University

Commemorating MLK

In commemoration of King’s 50th death anniversary, Stevie Wonder’s first tweet is the five-minute video “Dream Still Lives”. He tweeted it last April 4 at exactly 7:05 pm CST. The guests shared them “I have a dream” hopes which call back to the prominent 1963 speech of MLK.

Stevie Wonder says that King’s teachings lead him and the world to give peace a chance.

Some Of Their Dreams

Barack Obama noted that their dream is a world where we recognize each other’s common humanity and that we shaped for our children. That there will be peace, justice and opportunity for all.

The celebrities dreams are geared towards freedom and equality.

Mariah Carey noted that she dreams that all God’s children are proud of who they are.

Demi Lovato dreams of a society that will break the stigma surrounding mental health. 

Katy Perry hopes for more acceptance and more tolerance.

Harry Styles wishes that everyone will be “just a little bit nicer to each other”.

SZA shared her dreams that people will spread love, hope and possibility.


Spread Love And Hope

Stevie Wonder’s tweet garnered 905K views, 29K+ retweets, 51K+ likes, and 1.5K+ comments as of this writing.

He encouraged everyone to share their dreams using #DreamStillLives and to spread love and spread hope. Stevie Wonder wished that the King’s dream will live in our hearts forever. 



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