‘American Idol’ Sends Home Some of Fan Favorites

American Idol continues the search for the next big star. The three judges- Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan have made the final judgement after the first performances of each contestant in front of the live audiences. From 50, they are now down to 24.
On the other hand, some fans were unhappy on social media because some of their favorites were not included.

Furthermore, take a little look for some of the favorites with their last performances who recently send home. And take charge of your own judgement!

Thaddeus Johnson

Thaddeus Johnson always killed the ground with his performances. After he sang “Hate on Me” by Jill Scotts, the judges made a shocking decision. Katy Perry said, “He is a great singer, but sometimes things have to have a little grit to them.” In the end, Lionel Richie was the one who delivered the bad news, “There’s so much talent that we have to spread into 24 slots. We all think that now is the right time, but in this case, my friend now is not the right time.” And for the second time, he has rejected again to enter Top 24.

Trevor Holmes

The good-looking construction guy ‘Trevor Holmes’ caught Katy Perry’s heart but not the show! He sang Niall’s Horan “Slow Hands” that seems he’s in a play safe mode. Katy Perry hardly gave him the bad news, ‘I need to see more from you. I want to feel and hear that sparkle that I see in your eyes. ‘I can’t believe this, because you’re not going to go through, Katy said. Trevor, it is just the beginning!

Noah Davis

Arkansas farm boy ‘Noah Davis’ apparently ended his American Idol journey for now. Judges were happy when he went back on playing his piano singing Lady Gaga ‘You and I’. But when he stepped out of his piano, his performance dropped down.

Laine Hardy

The battle hit the stage between real friends Garett Jacobs and Laine Hardy to get the final spot. Garett Jacobs will push through but Laine Hardy certainly not. Laine Hardy chose to sing Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “The Ballad of Curtis Loew” because he said, “it reminded me of home and driving down a dirt road in my truck, and having a good time.” But it never drove him to continue. He will be miss with his charming smile while on his guitar.

Maddie Zaym

Special education teacher ‘Maddie Zaym’ touched everyone because of her big heart for her special best friend. Not just that, she has a naturally beautiful voice. But she admitted that she struggled with her performance singing Pink’s “What About Us”.


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