UNDERBOOB: The New Fashion Trend of 2017


Ladies, ears on me. Underboob is the new Fashion Trend of 2017!
Yes, you heard it right. It’s under, not the side, not anywhere but under- UNDERBOOB.


Vogue announces it as the New Fashion Trend of 2017! Are you all getting giddy with excitement? Because, you bet, I am!
This new trend is a challenge and a joy to try on but not to the conservative ones.
With its style, a very tiny crop top that only reach right under your boobs, it sure demands a lot of courage and confidence to pull it off.
If you have the right size of breast then, why not? After all, it’s fashion darling!

To boost your confidence like ‘whatever, I don’t care‘. See our favorite celebrities below as they wear this trend with flying colors and over the top confidence.
Rockin’ and lovin’ it.

1. Lady Gaga


With her craaazy music match with craaazy outfits, who would not go gaga over Lady Gaga? Note how she carries herself with so much ease. She wore a metallic underboob crop top paired with a very tiny denim short, finishing it with a sunglass, ponytail and a cup of coffee.

2. Gigi Hadid


Her revealing yet carefully cut-away Atelier Versace gown is WOW!



3. Kendall Jenner

Underboob is her thing ladies, and well, it could be our thing too.



4. Chiara Ferragni

Celebrities are not the only ones enjoying it. UNDERBOOB has reached the street-style too.
Chiarra Ferragni was spotted rocking this striped shirt that only reaches up-to-there, at the most recent Milan Fashion Week.

5. Bella Thornes

Why not have your own style and cut your shirt’s up a la Bella Thornes.

6. Rihanna

Speaking of making your own style. Rihanna did make her own when she decided to turn her Hermes scarf into a makeshift bra.


6. Jennifer Lopez

And here’s another one. J-Lo just rolled her tank top up to achieve the look and have this very hot selfie.

7. Kylie Jenner

Kylie looks gorgeous in her revealing skin-tight jumpsuit which shows a lot of underboobs.


Now, with these celebrities loving this new trend, won’t you still want to give it a go?


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