Dylan Sprouse Is Back!

The other half of Disney’s phenomenal duo, “Zack and Cody”, is back in front of the cameras. We can now finally watch Dylan Sprouse act again!

Carte Blanche

Sprouse and director Eva Doležalová have been sharing cast photos and behind the scene takes on Instagram. Aside from those pictures, and Carte Blanche being an indie project, very little is known about Sprouse’s comeback movie.

Source: Just Jared Jr.
Source: Just Jared Jr.

Since the airing of “The Suite Life Movie” in 2011, Sprouse has been taking a step back from the limelight until now.

Where Has Dylan Been?

After The Suite Life, both actors went to New York University to finish their studies. They graduated last year with honors. Dylan majored in video game designs, while Cole in archaeology.

When not studying or roasting his brother on Twitter, Dylan managed to host a restaurant in New York last year. Despite rumors of him being broke, he responded to this allegations by saying he just wants to have experience.

Back to Acting

The younger twin, Cole, landed an acting job last year when he played Jughead Jones in the famous TV series, Riverdale. So it was not long enough that their fans were also hoping that Dylan too will come back to the industry.

For choosing his role, Dylan has been quoted saying he wants:

“roles that are human, that have some sort of empathic quality.”

He also declared that “jock roles” are a no-no for him. He does not want roles that you can easily describe in two sentences.


He did not disappoint his fans and is now officially back to acting. Not only that, we have to stay tuned for his new business journey as a restaurateur. He, along with two business partners, are set to open a restaurant called All-wise Meadery. This restaurant will specialize in fermented honey beverages.


SOURCE: Teen Vogue/ Cosmopolitan



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