The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus Shares His More Playful Side!


Daryl Dixon is arguably the most popular character on The Walking Dead. Fans going as far as creating the slogan ‘If Daryl Dies We Riot’. They are placing it on every t-shirt they own.

The funny thing is, many of them actually would.



Either way, it doesn’t seem to matter at this point. It doesn’t look like Daryl is going anywhere. Between fan support and a deep brotherhood with Rick he will probably stick around until the end of the series.

Right now though, Daryl is in some deep trouble.

The character has been taken hostage by Negan and Dwight. He’s been put through some dastardly torture methods. While Easy Street might be the worst of these punishments, Daryl is also forced to wear a sweatsuit with the letter ‘A’ painted on the front.

While Daryl hasn’t smiled much in the series. Definitely isnt’ smiling in his current attire, the LEGO still manages to strike a resemblance to the characer. The sweatsuit matches the color, the ‘A’ looks authentic, and the shaggy hair is spot-on. It even shines in the light, just like Daryl’s greasy dome.


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In light of this new look for Daryl, a fan decided to turn him into a LEGO figure. Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl on the series, liked the creation enough to share the photo on his personal Instagram account.


Last week, we were treated to a new, and extremely, mind-trippy trailer for Death Stranding. For fans of Hideo Kojima, this was a cause to celebrate since nothing for the game has been shown since this summer’s E3. One fan was so happy about the new trailer’s release that he decided to commemorate the occasion by making a hilarious (and borderline creepy) Metal Gear Solid V PC mod that stars Death Stranding‘s Norman Reedus and the aforementioned Hideo Kojima dancing in the rain.

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This mod was created by Solidcal Modding, and it uses the infamous Quiet dancing sequence from MGSV but has Reedus standing in for the silent sniper and Hideo Kojima taking the place of Big Boss. Kojima is already in MGSV so this is how his character model was inserted into the mod. As for Reedus, his character model comes from files extracted from the P.T/Silent Hills demo. According to user, Ware-Wolff, Reedus was actually the player model in P.T and that is how his likeness was in the extracted files.




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