‘Pitch Perfect’ 3 Airs Aug 2017: Fifth Harmony on Board

'Pitch Perfect' 3 Airs Aug 2017: Fifth Harmony on Board

Fans of all girls singing group, Barden Bellas of Pitch Perfect, are getting more excited as reports say that the Pitch Perfect 3 will start filming next month, March. The third installment of the worldwide hit musical comedy franchise will feature Fat Amy getting married with Bumper. Recent rumors are also circulating on the internet that the script and song playlist are far more emotional than its predecessors.

Lawyer Herald previously reported that Fat Amy, who plays Rebel Wilson, will be walking down the aisle with Bumper, who is played by Adam Levine. Though many fans were not surprised by the report, the wedding between the friends-sometimes-enemy couple will surely be one of the highlights of the film.

Fans saw in the sequel a couple of reuniting and giving their ‘spark’ one more chance. This brought joy to a lot of fans since Fat Amy represents a person overwhelmed by struggles and bullying. Fat Amy found her true love in the art of music, but Pitch Perfect film gave her greatest romance. Cross Map reported that Fat Amy’s wedding is one of the most notable storylines that will make Pitch Perfect 3 a success.

In October, it has been confirmed that Elizabeth Banks will reprise her role in Pitch Perfect 3. With Banks returning to the film, box office figures will surely hit the note again. It’s reasonable for Universal Studios to bring her back, as the director believes that Banks contributed to the film’s success. According to Youth Health Magazine, Fat Amy and Beca will be going through post-graduation life, and their journey as friends and singers is about to get more exciting.

Pitch Perfect 3 will hit the theaters on August 7, 2017. The film was supposed to be released on July 21, 2017, but Universal Studios decided to give more time to the creative team.

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