Bleach Manga Is Nearing Its End

Bleach Manga Is Nearing Its End

In this year’s 31st issue of the Weekly Shounen Jump magazine, they announced last Monday that Tite Kubo’s long-running manga, “Bleach” is coming to an end. Together with the announcement, they teased some few chapters before it would end—though they obscured the number. This is no surprise “Bleach” entered into their final arc on February 2012, right after the anime ended.

Weekly Shounen Jump launched “Bleach” in 2001 and published the manga’s 72nd volume last May 2. Soon, it will be published in North America digitally in the English by language Viz Media. They will also publish the manga in print soon.

Bleach gained a lot of fans ever since the manga started, thanks to its great storytelling and wonderful characters. The manga also inspired a television anime adaptation in 2004 and ran for 366 episodes until 2012. By 2006, Viz Media obtained the television and home video rights, and premiered the English dub in Cartoon Network’s  Adult Swim. It will come out on Blu-ray this July 19. In addition, the manga also led to four films, novels, video games, and musical plays.

The manga’s ending arc has gone out far too long that some fans don’t even know what is happening already. We think that it really is time to end the manga and give Soul Society and its characters a rest. Tite Kubo should take a rest. There is no exact date yet on when the manga will end, but we are hoping it will come soon. At present, the Bleach manga is at chapter 680. If you haven’t read it, time to read it now.

And if you have read the latest chapter, you can watch the review of it below:

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