Charlie Sheen Is Being Sued By Dental Office Employees

Charlie Sheen is sued yet again for alleged assault and stabbing by three dental office employees in Los Angeles.

Charlie Sheen is sued yet again for alleged assault and stabbing by three dental office employees in Los Angeles. The lawsuit is in conjunction with a previous 2014 assault and stabbing case.

According to Radar Online, the 50-year old actor notorious for his erratic personal life, inconsistent career and numerous run-ins with the law has yet again been slapped with another lawsuit by three dental office employees. The new lawsuit filed on May 3 is in conjunction with a 2014 assault and stabbing incident.

Dr. George Bogen, Jaime Azdair, and Tina DeVilla are looking to receive more than $25,000 after a jury trial over the alleged assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress” inflicted on them by Sheen on September 2014. Azdair worked as Bogen’s assistant while DeVilla was the receptionist in his L.A. office.

Documents claimed that Sheen threated obscenities and physically battered the assistant before attempting to “stab and kill” them. The actor then went on to stab the examination chair repeatedly.

Margarita Palestino, another employee at the dental office, previously sued Sheen in October 2014 but eventually dropped the case in November 2015. According to the Costa Rica Star, the dental technician claimed that Sheen cursed at her and proceeded to try and pull off her bra and punch at her chest in an attempted sexual assault. Palestino also claimed that she was paid $500 by Sheen’s personal assistant in consolation for the actor’s violent behavior.

In the court filing, Palestino was told by the dentist that Sheen was high from a combination of alcohol, crack cocaine and Theradol. However, a publicist for Sheen claimed that the actor may have been experiencing an adverse reaction to the nitrous oxide administered during the visit.

According to another article on People, Palestino eventually filed a request for dismissal on October amidst reports that she had settled. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. The lawsuit was dismissed permanently after Palestino filed with prejudice.

Sheen has been under public scrutiny since beginning his career in Hollywood. The actor rose to fame with successful films such as ‘Wall Street’ in 1987, ‘Eight Men Out’ in 1988 and ‘The Three Musketeers’ in 1993. However, his personal life made headlines after allegations of domestic violence as well as drug and alcohol abuse problems.

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