5SOS Criticized Because Of One OK Rock

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5SOS or 5 Seconds Of Summer is in a friendly terms with the Japanese rock band named One OK Rock. To this extent, One OK Rock will be opening their upcoming US tour. 5SOS announced that the foursome band will join their label mate, Hey Violet as opening acts for their North American tour which starts on June 30 until the rest of July.

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Unfortunately, a lot of netizens were not really happy with this announcement. One even claimed that the Japanese band needs to headline their own tour in the U.S and go to some small venues. One Facebook user even wroteI could care less about seeing 5 Seconds of Summer. I’d be there for One OK Rock!”

So when One OK Rock shared a poster of 5SOS tour on their official webpage, a lot of fans claimed that 5SOS should take a seat and watch so that they can learn something as One OK Rock plays to their own tune.one-ok-rock

The Japanese band which consists of Taka, Ryota, Tomoya and Toru got to meet with 5SOS from working with their previous producer, John Feldmann. They were formed in 2005, six years earlier than the formation of the 5SOS band. Taka even said, “When I started this band in Japan, it was the same thing, no big crowds there. Now we’re doing it again in the United States”.

The band is easily mistaken for an American band which is totally not any surprise at all since the members are totally fond of American pop-rock. Taka, the group’s lead singer even enjoys listening to Linkin Park and Maroon 5.

Starting this August 18 to September 18, the singer-songwriter and multi-talented Roy English will join Hey Violet as openers. The band just tackled continental Europe last May 12 after going through Asia and the UK.

The “Sounds Live, Feels Live” is the second major concert by 5SOS which kicked off last February and will push through until October.


Images from: PopSugar, MovieNewsGuide


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