‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 Ep 1 Titled ‘The Strongest Hero; Newest Powerful Villain And Story Arc Revealed

"One Punch Man" Season 2 Episode 1 'The Strongest Hero' will air around October 2016.

Creator Murata Yusuke has speculated that “One Punch Man” Season 2 will likely air around October 2016. Also, plot spoilers suggest that the upcoming premiere episode will feature the newest villain Garou and the Hero Hunter story arc.

Series creator Murata Yusuke officially confirmed that “One Punch Man” will continue for a Season 2. According to MNR Daily, the production will be working on 100 sketches, pages inked, storyboards, and 10 hours of editing. Yusuke speculated that all of which could be accomplished within 6-9 months and a October 2016 release is highly likely.

Plot spoilers via Cross Map indicate that the 2nd installment will pick up right where the season premiere has left off. The first episode is slated to feature Lord Boros gaining some regenerative abilities that will allow him to counteract Saitama’s powerful punches. However, Saitama will be victorious once again as he unleashes his most powerful punch to date called the serious punch.

In addition, the 2nd season will also tackle the Hero Hunter story arc where Saitama will go head to head with Garou or the Human Monster, the most powerful villain this season. His aim is to track down the top ranking heroes of S and A-class.

Garou happens to be Bang or Silver Fang’s former disciple and an S class rank 3 hero who was kicked out and was exiled for being involved in a rampage. Garou is described as sporting a long and spiky white hair with yellow eyes and distinctively sharp features and a muscular built, HNGN reports.

As of now, the official premiere date for “One Punch Man” Season 2 Episode 1 ‘The Strongest Hero’ has not been released yet. However, the series creator speculated that the anime series will air around October 2016.

“One Punch Man” is an ongoing Japanese webcomic series created by an autho using the pseudonym One. The digital manga series serves as a remake which is illustrated by Murata Yusuke.

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